Monday, May 3, 2010

Andy Lee and Domonique Dolton Interview

Irish reporter Charlie Bird interviews two of the up and coming greats in the sport of boxing.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Round by Round Coverage from My Recent Fight in Germany

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Dolton comes out, a southpaw, Siala a little timid. Both starting with jabs, Dolton clearly the faster guy. Both missing jabs. Dolton missing the 1-2. Dolton landing the right had in that exchange. And another. Jabbing now, from Dolton. Little right barely misses for Dolton. Jab connects. Siala not doing much, Dolton keeping him moving back. Now Siala seems eager to throw, but he's getting countered virtually every time. A minute to go in the round as Dolton lands a few punches as Siala seems to be looking for openings. Left misses for Dolton. 1-2 misses for Dolton. Siala misses two shots. As does Dolton, though a right hand sneaks in. Jab from both guys, Dolton more effective. Siala against the ropes get hit a bit from Dolton and moves away. Round ends.

10-9, Dolton.

Round begins with both meeting in the middle. Dolton trying to work behind the jab. Siala trying to come forward now. The speed of Dolton backing him up again. Solid right hand lands up top for Dolton. Three punch combination works well for Dolton. Dolton then swings low, the ref stops the action and then allows them to continue. Warning for Dolton. A left hand knocks Siala off balance and then Dolton continues. Right to the body seems to do well for Dolton. Siala covering up, only managing a few small shots. Little right for Siala lands up top, nothing major. A couple of upper cuts for Dolton miss. Ref breaks up a tie up. Little push/jab lands for Siala. 1-2 for Dolton isn't on the mark. Uppercut lands for Dolton. Tied up again after both miss, ref breaks them up. Both missing jabs. Dolton trying to find range. Combination for Dolton closes the round up well.

20-18, Dolton.

They come up and touch gloves. Dolton looking for shots, giving him angles. A blocked jab from Dolton. Siala throwing some shots, nothing really landing. Dolton comes forward with a combination, mostly blocked. A couple of solid shots do then land for Dolton. Siala is pinned against the ropes, then moves out. Siala comes forward, his shots are blocked and now they are in the center of the ring again. Dolton hits gloves bu tthe shot pushes Siala back against the ropes. A minute and a half to go as Dolton starts ripping him to the body. 6 or 7 shots in a row, mostly landing. Pinning him agaisnt the ropes now, nailing him to the body some more. Siala seemed to be effected by some of those shots. In the corner, he gets a standing eight count and Dolton walks back. A bit of a delayed reaction. Coming back in, the ref stops it before anything else can go on.


Dolton is a solid prospect. Be on the look out.

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